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Queen Esther

The Story

Queen Esther is a re-imagining of the Book of Esther as a modern tale of finding integrity within the world of bars and nightclubs. The world of nightlife and the world of ancient Persia as depicted in the Book of Esther are actually very similar. Bars and nightclubs, like Ahasuerus' kingdom, glorify hedonism, beautiful women, and partying.

In the original story, Queen Esther emerges as the ultimate Jewish heroine by convincing the glamorous King Ahasuerus to avert a plot to murder all Jews in ancient Persia. Here Queen Esther is rendered as "Queen of Nightlife" who emerges as a grounded individual, separate yet involved in the debauchery around her.

The painting combines iconic images from ancient Persian architecture with images from the contemporary nightclub. (Notice the storyline of the Book of Esther rendered in tiles at the top column of the "club" decor.)


Queen Esther
Oil on Canvas
43 x 63 inches

Limited Edition Prints

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