The Artwork of Orit Arfa

More Than Just Pretty Pictures


 Orit Arfa grew up in Los Angeles, California, where she started painting in nursery. Already in first grade, her pictures of trees and people were the talk of her classmates. Noticing her natural gift of artistic expression, her parents enrolled her in children's art classes at Mission: Renaissance, a private art school with branches all over the world, specializing in representational style.

She served as the unofficial "artist-in-residence" at her Jewish high school, where she often got permission to skip class to paint banners for various school events. In high school she continued to study art formally, this time in the adult art class at Mission Renaissance, where she painted a slew of still-lifes and reproductions of the Masters.

During college, Orit took classes at UCLA and Stern College for women, where she also studied art history and explored less representational forms of art.

She conceived of her first Biblical portrait, Rebecca, in college, where she grappled with ideas related to Jewish norms of dress.

Orit has lived in Israel from 1999-2008. Her next three portraits in her Biblical series were all executed in Israel, utilizing the Holy Land's landscapes and archeology. From the year 2000-2002 she worked in the press department of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, where she got an insiders look into artists and artistic trends in Israel. 

She is currently working on her fifth Biblical portrait, Joseph.